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Paralegal Services

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Paralegal Assistance

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Title for Case Study

Case Study – Intentionally cause injury

The client was involved in a glassing at the MCG where he hit a security guard with a beer glass. This resulted in a laceration and bruising to the security guards face. The client was charged with Intentionally cause injury, Recklessly cause injury, Unlawful assault.

The client ultimately pleaded guilty to intentionally cause injury and all other charges were withdrawn. This plea breached a suspended…

The Charges:

Intentionally cause injury, Recklessly cause injury, Unlawful assault x 2.

The Verdict:

Convicted and sentenced to 5 months, suspended for a period of 12 months.

Client Testimonials:

When my CPA recommended First Class Paralegals, I was pleased to find that everything was true about them, professional, easy to work with, consistent communication through the trust process, and at a cost I can afford.